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The city of Anuradhapura often known as the ancient kingdom of Ceylon is filled with 2500 years of history! This city may be the oldest city in Sri Lanka as of yet!

At Isurumuniya Rajamaha Viharaya – Cave Temple of Anuradhapura

This city is surrounded by temples, ruins, and carved rocks which were once ruled by many ancient kings. Their inventions stand to surprise us now, even thousands of years later!

as this is the holy city of Sri Lanka, you might need to wear white and avoid making yourself a bit fancy! There are 8 temples that you should visit when you come to this ancient city of Ceylon.

Temples to Visit in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
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These temples were built by ancient kings a few thousand years ago!

Make sure you visit all these 8 temples as they are just closeby to each other

  1. Ruwanweli Maha Saya
  2. Sri Maha Bodhiya
  3. Thuparamaya
  4. Isurumuniya
  5. Abhayagiriya
  6. Jethawanaramaya
  7. Mirisawetiya
  8. Lovamahapaya (was not able to go here)

Check all the temples I went to from this link

A recent addition to this list which was built by the Army of Sri Lanka – SandaHiru Saya is another temple to visit!

embrace the ancient kingdom of ceylon

The Ancient Kingdom of Anuradhapura is covered with many temples, most of which are UNESCO heritage sites. Make sure you visit them all in one go!

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