Everything you need to know about Galle

All the best parts of the enchanting kingdom, are packed into one: Galle, located in the heart of the crowning jewel of Sri Lanka’s colonial past, situated on the southwestern tip of the country, 119 kilometers (74 mi) from Colombo.

It’s known for Galle Fort, the fortified old city founded by Portuguese colonists in the 16th century.

Galle is the ideal place to start your journey, through the gateway to this beautiful island where culture, stunning golden beaches, and colonial history combine to create a masterpiece of extraordinary memories!

If you’re a sea lover, Galle can be the resting haven for you with the sandy beaches and a salty breeze that freshen you every time you breathe! But Galle has a lot more to offer than its sandy beaches.

Don’t miss out to take a round trip at the Galle Fort Bazaar and walk on


Things To Do In Galle


Lighthouse Galle, Sri Lankahings to do 

Galle has a whole lot of things to do, starting from having a walk on the wall of Galle Fort to flavoring the tastiest ice creams there is! Here are the top things to do, here in Galle, Sri Lanka.

  1. Walk along the wall of Galle Fort Get ready to enjoy a walk ‘on the beaten track’ on top of the Galle Fort Wall with the salty breeze and the salt air whilst looking at the sunset! Tip: Best to start your walk after 5 PM to get the best view of seeing the sun go down!
  2. Enjoy an exquisite meal at Galle Fort – With over 50 hotels, boutiques, restaurants, and dining spots to taste local cuisines inside the fort itself, don’t forget to carry extra cash and a light tummy! Prices start from Rs.1500 per person ($5 per person)
  3. Shopping for your Lankan favorites Don’t forget to collect many ornaments as you can! There is so much to be sold at the Fort! Hand-crafted unique ornaments to remember your stay at Galle, Sri Lanka should be in your backpack when leaving Galle! Tip: Always negotiate. Sometimes they keep a considerable margin! Don’t forget to check out the Spa Ceylon outlet at Galle – Highly Recommended. There is one just for products and another to get an indulgence of Luxury Ayurvedic Spa [All About Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Products & Spa Services]
  4. Visit the Maritime Archeology Museum – Divided into two floors, the Museum has Introduction to Maritime & historical memories with evidence on maritime communication on the upper floor & Gallery 5 with new frontiers in research on the down floor that you shouldn’t miss!
  5. Photoshoot at the Galle LightHouse – Built to guide ships going nearby of any dangerous spots in 1939, the Light House in Galle is the perfect place for a quick photoshoot in 2022!

Tip: Make sure to get yourself a tripod if you’re a solo traveler.


Experience the grand colonial stage in Sri Lanka

It’s no surprise that all visitors to the Galle Fortress, either locals or foreigners will have local cuisine when walking by & might even stay at a fancy hotel. It’s best if you select the best hotels in the area when you stay at Galle.


If you’re looking out for hotels with a sea view & good food, of course, head over to Jetwing Lighthouse or Le Grand Hotel. They are highly recommended! But if you’re looking for a vintage hotel with a few centuries-old stories to tell, a few kilometers away from the salty wind, the ideal place would be Tamarind Hill by Asia Leisure in Galle (Ps: it’s just close by to Jetwing Lighthouse – I suggest staying over at Lighthouse first and then moving to Tamarind Hill for a Colonial night)


Below are my recommendations for a stay, have a look;



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