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Jetwing Lighthouse, Galle

Lighthouse Hotel in Galle is one of the most iconic yet deep-rooted hotels in Galle, Sri Lanka.

I’ve always heard that Lighthouse Galle has an exquisite dish with a wide range of food to accompany any mood! So, we had no problem with selecting where we wanted to stay!

The Highway & The Fortress…

My dad became the official driver on our short trip to Galle. It was a quick drive as usual with him & we ended a few minutes before than we expected!

We stopped at Welipenne Service Area for a quick bite but kept it lightweight to not ruin our appetite for going crazy with the hotel’s selection.

Even though I so badly wanted to step inside the hotel, everyone else wanted to walk on the Galle Fortress & there went my plan to start the meal with lunch!

The Galle fortress is not something to walk during the daytime, especially when the Sun is right above you. But we wanted to!

A small tip when walking on the Galle Fortress any time of the day, wear a hat/ a cap or whatever you call that covers your head plus your sunglasses! After a few steps up and down, we ran back to the vehicle and were on our way again!

The Hotel & The Beach…

The moment you enter, a lotus flower with a loud ‘Ayubowan’ can be heard from literally everyone at the reception. They also serve coconut water and a few set of fresh teas).

Jetwing Lighthouse, Galle – Welcome Lotus Flower

But the best part of the welcome was the view at the entrance of the hotel! And having a receptionist for each guest to check-in

The stay was great as we had a lot to do in the hotel (it has a Spa which has a fair price & two swimming pools). The entrance is a bit vintage-looking until you walk towards the reception. Just make sure you don’t walk towards the left side of the hotel at the entrance as you will run into a whole family of bats!

Welcome Staircase towards the reception at Jetwing Lighthouse Galle

One pool (small) is for guests only & the other (large) can be used by the locals living nearby. I went to the large pool (of course!) as it has a deep end (9 feet) There were hidden places in the hotel also & without a doubt, Jetwing Lighthouse in Galle is ideal for a romantic stay or for a honeymoon! You could enjoy the beach, enjoy the food, and the service at the hotel was amazing!

The Dishes & The Guitar…

And the best for the last. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at Jetwing Lighthouse is the best food with a huge range of a variety that you cannot miss when you visit Galle.

Accompanied by an acoustic guitar player, it was a meal worth every bite. Make sure to keep your tummy free, because there is a wide range of dishes to fill it with!

Jetwing Lighthouse hotel Galle is one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in & enjoyed in Galle! Have a look at my stay in Galle, Click here!

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