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Maritime Archeology Museum, Galle

Divided into two floors, the Museum has Introduction to Maritime & historical memories with evidence on maritime communication on the upper floor & Gallery 5 with new frontiers in research on the down floor that you shouldn’t miss!

I always adore walking inside Museums, in a way to understand what made us who we are! It’s easier to figure things out just by understanding our history. The map below shows the main cities/districts back then which the ships used to navigate.

Old Map of Ceylon used for Naval Guidance- (Sri Lanka was called Ceylon back then)

Before you start exploring the Museum & its artifacts, you need a map of the Museum as you’ll get easily lost inside the Museum as well! It’s crowded mostly during 10 AM-1 PM during weekends and it’s a bit dusty (that is expected since the Museum has all sorts of artifacts that technically is hundreds of years old!

Among so many other things, what captured my attention is the Star Gate’s duplicate from the Ancient City of Anuradhapura (Time traveling stone – based on thousands of years of old tales);

Ancient Star Gate Replica – predicted of Time Travelling

As Galle is a UNESCO Heritage site, there are many other artifacts to check around the city in Galle with a few of my favorite activities to do in the city – check things to do in Galle here

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