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Photoshoot at the Galle LightHouse

Built to guide ships going nearby of any dangerous spots in 1939, the Light House in Galle is the perfect place for a quick photoshoot in 2022!

I am not a color-matching pro, but it’s better to wear dark or vibrant colors since the Lighthouse is WHITE! (which should be expected!) It’s also best to visit the Lighthouse just after the Sun is directly above us. So I recommend a visit at 3 PM, which is ideal if you see during a weekday rather than a weekend to avoid strangers in your selfies & photos-to-be-framed!

That’s me right in front of the Lighthouse!

Just a bit of advice: avoid the shadows because they look strange in the photos. There is also a wire that is hanging around the Lighthouse as you can see above; try to avoid it or maybe photoshop it?

Once you’re done with this iconic landmark, it’s time for you to roam around the Galle Fortress Wall. Check out this article to know more about Galle Fortress Wall.

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