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Shopping for your Lankan favorites

Don’t forget to collect many ornaments as you can! There are so much to be sold at the Fort! Hand crafted unique ornaments to remember your stay at Galle, Sri Lanka should be in your backpack when leaving Galle!

From boutique outlets to departmental stores or from outlets with sleeping dogs & hanging bulls to ‘guitar playing owners’ while they make a sale, the stores will surprise you!

As you can see below, a dog literally sleeping inside a departmental store!

Sleeping dog inside a cloth store in Galle Fort Bazaar

While we were enjoy a few steps around the Galle Fort Bazaar, it was easy not to miss this small boutique outlet, where the owner (I assumed he was, after all I don’t think a sales rep will sing during work hours while playing his guitar) was making a sale while practicing his chords.

Don’t forget to check out Spa Ceylon outlet at Galle – Highly Recommended. There is one just for products and another to get an indulgence of Luxury Ayurvedic Spa [All About Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Products & Spa Services]

Tip: Always negotiate. Either if you’re a local or a foreigner, they will make sure you pay a premium price!

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