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Tamarind Hill by Asia Leisure

Colonial-style luxury boutique hotel built over 250 years ago!

Having been a huge fan of the Asia Leisure hotel chain, Tamarind Hill by Asia Leisure Hotel is an experience I didn’t want to miss! At first, when booking the hotel it looked haunted and scary. But who wouldn’t want to stay at a haunted place? So we gave it a go!

Outdoor Romantic Dining in Tamarind Hill by Asia Leisure – Galle

What made our stay better?

Usually recommending hotels is not my thing, but Asia Leisure Hotels in Sri Lanka is an exception. With the hotel’s services to the food, it is worth every dollar! And here is why…

With homemade (hotel-made though) jams to a pool under a big tree surrounded by a bunch of peacocks (peacock family), the night was memorable. 

A staff member from the hotel, Jeevan explained the entire story at the hotel within a few minutes (watch the video here) and made our stay even more fun & chilling!

I loved every moment we spent near the Swimming Pool and in it! It was a tranquil stay that I will cherish forever. It’s easily mistaken that this boutique hotel is a bit creepy, given that it has a very sad heritage story taken a few hundred years back, but it’s not creepy at all (if you know how to enjoy your stay that is!) The swimming pool was the best option after walking a while at the Galle Fortress

Swimming Pool – Romantic Stay at Tamarind Hill by Asia Leisure

But the best was the calmness and the tranquil stay at the hotel. It was worth every dollar!

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