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The Grand Hotel, Nuwara Eliya

Perhaps the shortest trip I’ve been to, our trip to Nuwara Eliya was a bit of an odd one! We started traveling at 6 AM in the morning and managed to get to the hotel by 12 PM, a just few minutes before Check-In. Read all about our travel to Nuwara Eliya here

What Makes Your Stay Better.

To start with, you get a cup of tea as you just walk in. Until the staff clears your check-in documents, enjoy the locally made cup of Dilmah tea with a tiny piece of Jaggery (not a big fan!)

Welcome Drink (Tea with Jaggery) just as when you enter the hotel

There is some other stuff that a regular couple like us would enjoy. You can enjoy it if you’re going for a single stay as well, not that it’s weird!

  • The Ambience

Walking into the hotel will make you feel like you’re walking into a castle, it’s that tempting. The floor to the lights is decorated and arranged in a way to make you get that feeling. The staff is dressed in suits, but maybe that’s the modern knight’s armor?

  • The Food

Since the temperature is not in your favor, you will need food to keep your body at bay. Hence, good food & drinks. While the hotel facilitates a wide range of local & international cuisines, the majority of its food is not local. There was a Sushi Bar as well, which is a bummer! But nevertheless, it was good food. 

  • Hideouts in the hotel

You read it right. We didn’t know most of the places in the hotel until a few hours before we checked out. This hotel is suited for a 2-day stay because there is so much to do inside the hotel if you’re going as a couple but better to have outside food just for a change. 

Overall, the hotel staff was very supportive (especially when we had trouble finding the swimming pool), but the stay is ideal if you like to stay in a hotel room and relax with a walk in the garden filled with a whole of flowers which you haven’t seen in your life. I did enjoy a good book whilst drinking my favorite drink (yes, that’s right – coffee)

Relaxing at the Hotel garden – Grand Hotel Nuwara Eliya

Also, the hotel isn’t equipped with Air Conditioning (not that you need it at all!) but equipped with a heater & the water is heated at all times (which is a relief, given that Nuwara Eliya will freeze you throughout the year)

Oh, the best part of spending the night at the hotel with Kashmiera! It was amazing! The daytime is perfect for you to walk around the hotel, especially if you love seeing flowers in different colors!

Kashmiera is a huge fan of flowers and here are some of her shots at The Grand Nuwara Eliya! Trust me when I say this, the Grand Hotel has its own botanical garden inside the hotel premises!

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