Walk on galle fort wall galle sri lanka

Walk along the wall of Galle Fort

Get ready to enjoy a walk ‘on the beaten track’ on top of the Galle Fort Wall with the salty breeze and the salt air whilst looking at the sunset! Its not easy to miss this view whilst you walk along one of the longest walls in Sri Lanka!

While this wall is a few thousand years old, it was well beaten with 1000’s of people walking on the wall everyday! Since you can’t experience the real sunset or the sunrise, you can enjoy the sun disappearing from the sky for a while whilst you enjoy a slight salty breeze!

Tip: Best to start your walk after 5PM to get the best view of seeing the sun go down!

Don’t forget to capture your best whilst you walk on the wall. There are some pretty heavy things you can TRY to lift!

The walk on the Galle Fortress wall will take you approximately 20-30 minutes (totally depending on you & who you travel with). I suggest carrying a water bottle and a cap to cover your head from the Sun!

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